Y3 Keller Class Page

Welcome to Keller Class Page
Our teachers are:
Mrs Tracey Green who likes to be active by taking regular trips to the gym and, when she can walking in the Lake District. She has two grown up sons and a teenage step-son as well as a lovely husband and two black cats called Storm and Shadow. She is the subject leader for Personal Development as well as the school's Inclusion Leader which includes supporting Special Needs provision in the school. She is also school's the deputy head teacher.
Mr Jason Tuxworth has been a teacher at Wyton for many years and when he's not teaching he runs a business. He is also the school's finance secretary. He spends much of his time playing sport, especially tennis and is big fan of Leeds United. He is the subject leader for Computing and DT.
Mrs Green teaches Keller class on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Mr Tuxworth teaches on Thursdays and Fridays. 
Helen Keller
Our class is named after a famous woman called Helen Keller. Helen Keller was an American author, political activist, and lecturer who was the first deafblind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. The inspirational story of how Helen overcame her disabilities and her amazing friendship with her teacher Annie Sullivan exemplifies all of our 7 Rs at Wyton Primary School
This term our topic title is 'Voyages of Discovery' which will take us to the world of Ancient Greece where we will be learning about how this time has influenced our culture, learning, buildings and politics.
As part of this topic we will be studying Homer's story of 'The Odyssey' and tracing the journey of the famous 'Ancient Greek' hero, Odysseus and his journey in his ship the Odyssey.
A more in depth break down of what Year 3 Pupils will be learning this half term can be found by clicking on the same link.
Each evening we feel it is beneficial for all Year 3 children to carry out the following learning tasks at home
  • Reading: 20-25 mins independently / with an adult where possible three times a week.
  • Spellings: 10 mins independently
  • ‘Maths: 20 minutes independently/supported by an adult if required
  • Reading Journal: 20 -30 minutes independently /supported by an adult if required
Spelling Lists are handed out on Mondays  and it is required that pupils learn the lists they are given using a variety of given learning strategies they are given. Each Monday Year 3 are tested on their previous week's spelling through a spelling dictation.
Maths activities will be set on Fridays and need to be completed by the following Wednesday at the latest
Reading Journal activities. Reading journals will be available from Wednesdays and need to be returned by the following Monday.
For more information about 'Home Learning' please click on the link below.
Please note the class has now been divided into two sub groups for spellings - Blackbirds and Robins. Make sure that the children use the sheet appropriate to their group.
Food Groups and Skeletons
We're currently learning about healthy eating and what we need to keep ourselves healthy. The children are finding out the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables and that carbohydrates are a useful source of energy. They have been finding out the maximum number of teaspoons of sugar children should consume in a day and the problems that can be associated with eating too much. We're now beginning to learn about skeletons and the purposes of the different bones in our bodies. 
Required Equipment & Resources
Physical Education Kit  - a pair of trainers, jogging bottoms and a jumper (for cold weather conditions) house colour t-shirt and plain shorts for gym/dance and warmer outdoor weather conditions). We encourage the children to keep their PE kits in school in a suitable named bag all week in case we need to change the day we have PE due to inclement weather. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT ALL KIT IS LABELLED TO ENSURE IT DOES NOT BECOME LOST.
Other essntial items include:
  • Water bottle- which should be taken home every night in order to be cleaned for the next day
  • Coat - if not sure, if a coat is required for that day, please check the weather forecast to avoid children not coming to school and being surprised by a change in weather. 
  • Book bag and reading book- to be taken to and from school each day to ensure required reading is carried out as well as being a means of taking other homework and communications.
The Iron Man
Currently, we are reading the classic  book 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. We have really enjoyed making Iron men and women in pasta collage and some of our writing , including  writing a menu and a letter of apology has been focused around this text.