Welcome to Hillary Class

This term's topic is
'Animals around the World'
In particular, we will be looking at animals from the continent of Africa! If you have show and tell objects to do with our topic, please bring them in and we will make a short slot of time for you to present it.  Examples of things you might bring are: fact books, souvenirs and photographs.  However, we are unfortunately not able to do a general show and tell as we have so much to learn and not enough time to show other things from home too! Thanks for your understanding.
Mrs Evans and Mrs Bretten

Welcome to our class page.  Our teachers are Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Bretten, who will share the teaching week between them, and both teach on a Wednesday morning. Please scroll down and see all the things we have been learning about and will be learning about in the coming term. Enjoy!



Sir Edmund Hillary

Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest in 1953 with his friend Tenzing Norgay. He wanted to climb the mountain because no one else had. Many had tried but failed. It took them seven weeks to climb from the bottom to the top of the mountain but only three weeks to get down.

It was very, very cold so they had to wear very thick warm clothing to protect them from the ice, snow and wind.

Both men had to carry all their own food. They ate tinned meat and soup along with raisins, nuts and chocolate. Many hot sugary drinks were needed to give them energy.

Edmund and Tenzing slept in tents but it was difficult to sleep because the air was thinner.

We have been learning to recall facts about a historical person and we also drew portraits using oil pastels based on the original black and white photograph of Edmund Hillary.
Day Tasks
Practise spellings.
Read reading books (AR and levelled)
Practise spellings.
Read reading books (AR and levelled)
Mathletics work set (to be completed within 1 week)
Practise spellings.
Read reading books (AR and levelled)
Practise spellings.
Read reading books (AR and levelled)
Spelling test.
New Spellings sent.
Read reading books (AR and levelled)
 Please also remember to check the main school website for the whole school 'Home Learning Challenge'
Things To Remember:
Any uniform or kit that is brought into school MUST be clearly labelled with the child's full name.
PE is on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.
 You need to make sure that you have all of the right PE kit with you!
You must wear your house PE t-shirt.
Please remember to bring trousers, trainers and a warm top suitable for outdoor PE,
as well as your indoor PE kit.
Please remember to bring a water bottle to school, every day.
You will be able to fill your water bottle at school, at suitable times during the day.
It is each child's responsibility bring their reading record to school each day,
and remember to change their reading book.
It is also the responsibility of the child to hand in any letters or menus to the class teacher, as soon as they arrive at school, as we have very little spare time to check book bags.
Dates To Remember:
Wednesday, 9th September, 2015 - Morning class walk around the local area.
Thursday, 17th September, 2015 - Curriculum update meeting for parents.
 For more diary dates, please visit http://wytonprimaryschool.org.uk/DiaryDates.htm
What Hillary Class Have Been Up To!
Keep your eyes peeled for photos showing what we have been up to in Hillary Class, as well as a short blog about our week written by one of our very own writers!
Mrs Evans and Mrs Bretten's Blog -
Wednesday 9th September 2015
A big thank you to all the children, as well as Miss Pun, Mrs Fagg and Mia the Meerkat, for our big walk around Wyton today. The children were challenged to see how many places of interest they could spot in Wyton (both that they already knew about and some others), as well as spot living and non-living things in the surrounding area. We were surprised ourselves by how much we saw and how much the children could tell us about Wyton.  It was thoroughly enjoyable.
 We then wrote our own information texts with sub-headings, pictures and captions for people to find out about Wyton if they were from somewhere else or if they were going to move to Wyton. Tomorrow, I (Mrs Evans) will be helping the children to organise the things we saw on our walk into scientific categories - living, dead and non-living, and giving reasons for our decisions.
Photos to follow!


Every week children are tested on 15 spellings and then they either peer or self-mark them before being checked by us. If children have not had a ‘good’ result on their spellings (around 7 or 8 minimum), they have been attending a brief ‘Spelling Club’ at break or lunchtime to help them practice the current week’s spellings. In the club we are trying lots of different strategies to learn them and children’s results are improving on the whole. We will discuss it with you if they aren’t improving. Encourage your child to try as many different strategies as possible.

In the last two weeks of term, we are going to be recapping on the lists of words we have already learnt. We feel this will give children an opportunity to re-learn spellings or embed the spellings into their long-term memory (not just short term/weekly).

The lists are below. We will send specific words from the lists home on Friday (9th October)

Our door is always open if you would like to discuss your child’s spellings or have any further questions.

Mrs Bretten and Mrs Evans